High School division info

High School Division information: High School division Boys 9-12 is separated into two divisions. Boys 9-10 and boys 11-12 grade. Girls division is 7th-12th grade. Fees are $90 per player. The High School division has the option to form their own team or individual players can be placed on a team if available. Season runs January 6th through February 24th 2024.

DEADLINE FOR TEAM REGISTRATION IS December 8th.  For those wanting to play but don’t have a team affiliation, CYBA will try to place you on a team as space permits.  The league reserves the right to refund the registration fees if a team/coach is not identified. 

Team-based divisionsThe team registration form is for coaches or team organizer only and is available  on the home page or the link below. Team registration closes December 8th. Individual registration closes Jan 1 or whenever teams are full (whichever comes first). Teams with available space or who have rostered players who have not registered will be filled with players without a team affiliation after CYBA contacts coach for approval.

High school teams do not receive a scheduled practice from CYBA. Teams practice on their own and can practice as much as they would like.

COACHES -THE COACHES APPLICATION IS NOT THE TEAM REGISTRATION FORM. PLEASE APPLY AS A COACH AND THEN GO TO THE TEAM REGISTRATION TAB AND SUBMIT YOUR ROSTER. Your roster does not need to be complete, if players list you as their coach they will be placed on your roster. This form is essential for CYBA to post the COACHES team online  and we have to know that there is a person 21 or older that will be at the games as well as to discern the teams rating for A or B division. We will contact you if more than 10 players request your team for verification.

Click here to register your team      There is NO COST to register a team.

*If you make the school team , you are NOT eligible for CYBA. If you register for CYBA early and make your school team, CYBA will give a 100% refund for registration or you can choose to wait to make the payment until CPS announces the school teams.

Players register individually under the registration tab and indicate a team affiliation when prompted  using the coach's last name. Players are not guaranteed a position on the team until they fill out the individual registration form. Individual registration is $90.

Rosters may include up to 10 players. No minimum of players for a team.

Teams with less than 10 players will have players assigned by CYBA to fill a roster when there is space available.

Teams have the option to name their team for a flat rate of $100 per team. You will not have a business sponsor name on your uniform shirt, only the team name of your choice. This option is in the team registration form.

Adult Supervision
Each team must have adult representative/coach age 21 or older and they must complete the coaches application and backgorund check. An adult representative/coach must be present at each game. This person must also fill out a team registration form before the team will be allowed in the league.  The team registration form is found under the registration tab.
If an adult representative/coach isn't present by game time, the game will be forfeited.